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2012-08-26  Veronika  [ no email, no homepage ]


Awesome gig in Vantaa yesterday, kiitos!!!


2012-04-08  Veronika  [ no email, no homepage ]


It's been already a month since the gig in Paris and I still feel a big thank you in my heart. Dekuji!
PS: Can't wait for some next tourdates!


2012-03-06  <h1 style="color  [ Tässä on XSS-aukko">

Tässä on XSS-aukko

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Tässä on XSS-aukko



<h1 style="color:red">Tässä on XSS-aukko</h1>


2012-03-01  Thomas  [ no email, no homepage ]


Hi there,
Thanks a lot for comming to Basel and playing in a small club!!
So fine... ;-)
Best regards


2012-02-18  Alex  [ no email, no homepage ]


Great performance at Virgin OIl!
Even though audience wasn't that large and we were a little boring perhaps.. (i also got stomach pain from bass..) You guys were playing just great! Thank you.
Best wishes!


2011-12-17  Václava  [ no email, no homepage ]


Best wishes Kartsy!


2011-12-16  SZPOONK  [ minimalform@gmail.com, no homepage ]




2011-11-16  hevisika  [ no email, no homepage ]


Kiitos Tampereen keikasta ja Paljon onnea 25v pätkän johdosta! Tämähän ei tähän jää!? Olette te loistavia jamppoja! Love you guys!!! 4000years biisiä juuri kuuntelin ja aikuiselle miehelle tuli tippa linssiin. oikeasti. Loistavaa jätkät!!!!!!!


2011-11-14  Mnää  [ no email, no homepage ]


Paljon kiitoksia Nosturin juhlakeikasta, meno oli mieletöntä! Onneks moni näppärä on jo saanut videoita juutuubbiin, mahtavaa matskua.

Kiitos Waltari, lisää tätä!!


2011-11-04  R.B.  [ r1b1@seznam.cz, no homepage ]


Hello, I wanna make my brother or parents to give me the new CD for Christmas. :-) Will we have the possibility to buy it in the Czech Republic before Christmas ?


2011-10-01  Jeppe  [ no email, no homepage ]


Kiitoksia näistä kaikista vuosista! Loistavaa musiikkia vuodesta toiseen!


2011-06-26  sesr& minun ihana ajo  [ sesr@centrum.cz, no homepage ]


... and the gig in bohemian paradise?


2011-04-26  Veronika  [ NyssaDamoskinos@gmail.com, no homepage ]


Hello, I have nothing more to say than big THANK YOU! You rock! D&#283;kuji!


2011-04-26  GlavosRho  [ glavos_rho@yahoo.de, no homepage ]


Hi guys! I saw you tonight and it was an amazing show, although some "Technical Ecstacy" occured :-)

I just want to say sorry for not having supported you the last decade. I really don't know why! You play great music, it was really fun seeing you live and I promise to buy your albums since Big Bang and listen to them!

Love your music!



2011-04-25  Metal-Dude!  [ no email, no homepage ]


Hey Guys! I´m looking very much forward to the Frankfurt Show tomorrrow. The fact, that you are going to play old stuff from Torcha, So fine and Big Bang is just amazing! It would be a dream coming true for me, if you were playing "The beginng song" in Frankfurt! The song I first fell in love with you... See you!


2011-04-22  Veronika  [ NyssaDamoskinos@gmail.com, no homepage ]


Moikka boys, I just arrived back to my hometown (and went to work, arghhh...) and need to thank you again - for the great show you did yesterday in Leipzig. It was just awesome - again! Thank you very much, kiitos! See you on Monday


2011-04-10  Tamas  [ bobitomi@gmail.com, no homepage ]


Hi there!
Guys, help me please! First time I heard Waltari was in '97 and then missed the next 14 years! :-D But now I discovered you again and started to listen again. There is a song and there was made a videoclip of it but I don't remember the track title. It begins with Sitar or something like that but couldn't find that song. I really did love that one and would like to find it again! Please help me with the title! :-))) Thank you from Hungary!


2011-04-07  Wonky  [ no email, no homepage ]


Hi!!! we are in finland today, tomorrow and ... maybe forever? hahaha. where are you? we love you and we need you ... (jack lives here) Tomorrow we gonna have KRAPULA. Hope to see you again in CZECH REPUBLIC. P.s. kippis!


2011-04-07  Veronika N.  [ NyssaDamoskinos@gmail.com, no homepage ]


Hey guys, look forward to seeing you in Leipzig in 2 weeks!


2011-03-14  terezaaaaaaaaaaa  [ no email, no homepage ]


hell-ou!!! we are coming to filnad on first week in April!!! yeah yeah... and.. we need to concert waltari


2010-10-19  justin  [ no email, no homepage ]


Put Czech Republic aside for a while and come to Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-10-18  Alexey  [ xct@mailgate.ru, no homepage ]


Thanx for excellent show! I hope to see you again in St. Petersburg!


2010-10-18  Veronika Nyssa  [ NyssaDamoskinos@gmail.com, no homepage ]


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the russian shows, it was awesome - as always! Can't wait to see you again! Kiitos! <3


2010-10-13  silmälasit hallussa  [ no email, no homepage ]


Ne ei oo tähtiä vaan siinä on kaksi kertaa heittomerkit ""


2010-10-11  photoshoppausta  [ no email, no homepage ]


miksi review-valikon alla soundin väitetään antaneen neljä tähteä uudesta levystä, vaikka levy sai kolme tähteä? luotatteko siihen, ettei kukaan linkkejä jaksa availla?

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